EconSight Gamechanger Model Portfolio Performance

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Portfolio Selection

Introducing the EconSight Gamechanger Model Portfolio

The EconSight Gamechanger model portfolio identifies 25 most innovative publicly traded companies at the forefront of technological innovation. The basis for the selection is our Transformative Score. This proprietary metric provides a quantitative assessment of a company’s recent innovation strength based on patent activity and quality. The Transformative Score helps fund managers make informed investment decisions based on a forward-looking perspective.

For our model portfolio, we focus on 100 carefully chosen high-impact Gamechanger technologies with the potential to disrupt and redefine industries.

A Two-Step Selection Process:

  1. Identifying the top innovators: We calculate the Transformative Score for over 5,000 publicly listed companies to identify the 100 most innovative companies.
  2. Refining the selection: To arrive at the final model portfolio of 25 top companies, we conduct a rigorous analysis that considers various factors, including:
  • Individual Technology Focus: We assess the innovation potential of the technological areas where each company is concentrating its innovation efforts.
  • Patent Portfolio Quality: We evaluate the strength and potential of each company’s patent portfolio.
  • Financial Strength: We consider relevant financial metrics to ensure the companies are not only innovative but also financially sound investment options.

Our list of Gamechanger technologies and the selection of the 25 top companies are updated annually. We will track the performance of our model portfolio against the MSCI World and the Nasdaq 100 index.

Current selection

The Transformative Score and its subratings

The calculation of the Transformative Score is a scientifically based combination of dynamic and level indicators. On the one hand, the level of quality and quantity achieved is calculated, and on the other hand, the change in these indicators over the last 5 years. The level and share of world-class patents and the share of gamechanger technologies are also included in the calculation.

The chart on the right shows the Transformative Score results for three companies in the model portfolio:

  • CRISPR Therapeutics is developing drugs based on its pioneering gene-editing platform. The company reaches a top Transformative Scores thanks to an excellent average quality of its patents and a high proportion of both world-class patents and patents in gamechanging technologies.
  • Pure Storage develops innovative data storage products. The Transformative Score shows that the company achieves very high scores in almost all indicators. However, the Quality Increase indicator shows that Pure Storage has achieved only a limited increase in its average patent quality over the last five years.
  • Rockwell Automation is a provider of industrial automation solutions. It benefits from both a high patent activity as well as a high patent quality level and also holds a large amount of worldclass patents. However, the share of patents in Gamechanger technologies of Rockwell Automation’s entire patent portfolio is smaller than in other Gamechanger model portfolio companies.

Transformative Score for CRISPR Therapeutics, Pure Storage and Rockwell Automation

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100 curated gamechanger technologies

Check out 100 technologies that have the potential to fundamentally transform markets and industries.

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Transformative Investing


Cutting edge innovators in game changing technologies

Key innovation indicator for active fund managers

  • Most promising and dynamic companies

  • Broad technology selections

  • EconSight Transformative Score (EDS)

  • Index-based selection and company ranking

Thematic Investing


The dominant and most innovative players in a specific technology

Passive and rule-based thematic funds, ETFs

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  • EconSight World Class Score (EWS)

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Exciting newcomers in highly specialised technology domains

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  • Exciting, small, and specialised companies

  • Specially defined technology niche

  • EconSight Contextual Innovation Analytics (ECA)

  • Focus company and conceptually close competitors