Ratings, rankings and profiles – the best companies in cutting-edge technologies

Ratings and Rankings

Who is active in the important technologies and who is also good at them?

Identifying technology-based markets

The assessment of a company’s research and development capabilities is of central importance in a competitive environment that is increasingly driven by technology. EconSight has identified and defined more than 500 cutting-edge technologies in the major technological megatrends based on sophisticated state-of-the-art patent analyses, defined from a market perspective and not from a purely technical perspective. Additional technologies, specifications or drill-downs can be carried out within days.

Precise scores and indicators

EconSight indicators are designed to get the best possible information out of patents: quantity, quality, and dynamics of a patent portfolio. EconSight has developed a technology-specific patent score which is applied to every patent worldwide. The EconSight Patent Score is the foundation for two business relevant patent indicators – the World Class Indicator and the Innovation Dynamics Indicator. Both indicators provide fundamental insights – the identification of the best and/or most promising companies in a specific technology.

World-Class and Innovation Dynamics Indicators

World Class Rating

The World Class rating shows the world’s best companies in a technology. It identifies companies with the highest shares of world-class patents in a technology. World class patents are defined as the top 10 percent of all patents within a specific technology, measured by individual patent strength.

Innovation Dynamics Rating

The Innovation Dynamics rating shows the most dynamic companies, the smaller interesting companies, hidden champions and potential investment targets. It identifies companies with a very dynamic (quality and quantity) technology patent portfolio in recent years relative to the competition.

Company profiles and competitive environments – two perspectives for a complete picture

Company Profiles

A technology profile shows the technologies in which a company is active and the entire breadth of its technological activities. It can show whether a company is strategically moving into specific technologies and abandoning established areas. It can also show early activities in a certain technology. It also provides a good overview of a company’s technological focus.

Competitive Environments

The competitive environment is the view of a specific technology and shows all active companies in this technology. This is used to identify competitors in a particular technology or to complete one’s own corporate strategies. Furthermore, they are the basis for investment strategies, for example to identify the best companies, the most dynamic companies, the best startups etc. The analysis possibilities are manifold.

The company perspective – technology profiles

Activity, structure, dynamics and competitiveness in a nutshell

In addition to the absolute number of patents, a typical company profile also shows the world share that the company has in each technology. The focus on shares instead of absolute patent numbers takes into account that worldwide patent numbers continually rise and some technologies are more patent intensive than others. An increase in company patents is merely a sign of increased patent activity, whereas an increase in the world share is a sign of increased competitiveness.

A bubble position at the top indicates a high world share (vertical axis). The horizontal axis shows the dynamics of the technology as the change of the world share in recent years. Bubbles to the right are very dynamic. Absolute patent numbers are reflected in the size of the bubbles.

The market perspective – competitive environments

Who is active, good, and specialised

A competitive environment typically includes all active companies ranked by the number of patents or world class patents. In addition,  the degree of specialisation is relevant to determine which companies are active and good and also focused on that technology.

Time series data shows dynamics in the technology and allows for back testing analysis. Apart from total patents, the world share is also included which provides a quick analysis of the competitiveness of a specific company in this technology.

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