Ratings and rankings – the best companies in cutting-edge technologies

Who is active in the important technologies and who is also good at them?

Quality instead of quantity – focus on world class patents

To identify the truly innovative companies, all patent activities must be identified and evaluated for each company. Afterwards, the important patents can be separated from the unimportant patents. EconSight focuses on world-class patents: the top 10 percent of all patents within a defined technology, measured by individual patent strength.

World share instead of pure patent count

Worldwide, the number of patents is increasing significantly in almost all technologies. Therefore, the representation of pure patent growth only shows that a company is active in a technology. The competitiveness of a company, on the other hand, is represented by the share of worldwide patents in a technology. Combined with the change in the share over time, this also results in a dynamic indicator.

Precise technology definition as a basis

EconSight specializes in the identification and precise definition of technologies. In complex AI-supported processes and in cooperation with experts from universities and corporations, we have developed 500 cutting-edge technologies in the areas of health, digitization, mobility, materials, industry, environment, infrastructure, security, nutrition and energy. Regularly updated and expanded, this makes technological progress measurable in a well-founded way.

Identification of the relevant competitive environment

A company assessment must be made in comparison to the relevant competitive environment, otherwise it is worthless. The competitive environment therefore includes not only the known industry competitors, but above all the new competition, for example from the start-up sector or from IT companies looking for an application for their digital expertise. We do not rely on name searches, but use AI-based matching methods to identify technologically similar structured companies.

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