Precision Investing


Exciting newcomers in highly specialized technology domains

The EconSight company scouting and de-risking approach

Our company scouting approach provides a comprehensive overview of all relevant companies in a specific technology sector, offering you a list of potential investment targets and eliminating the need for exhaustive research and guesswork. It is also a major de-risking approach that compares each investment with the next best options.

Next-generation AI-based patent analysis

The scouting concept is based on our new AI with customised LLM (large language models) that uses textual technology descriptions to identify all relevant patents from more than 140 million patent full texts and more than 3.5 million companies worldwide. The iterative process is fast, precise and always verifiable.

The precision investing approach

Fast and precise company scouting based on EconSight precision investing approach


With EconSight’s data-driven approach we get new insights and fast information on any company – a massive competitive advantage in venture and private equity.

Tim Jürgens,
Seedlink, early-stage VC, Barcelona

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