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Patent Foundation
140+ million patents integrated

Latest patent data, full patent text integration, daily updates

Company Perspective
3.5 million companies

The full range from small start-ups to global conglomerates

Technology Focus
500+ curated technologies

Strategy oriented results from market perspective

Scores and Indicators
Precise analysis 

Technology specific and business relevant scores and indicators

Objective and comprehensive scores and indicators

Company technology profile (example)

Total flexibility

Our database system has been conceived from a company perspective with expandability in mind. We have integrated technologies, scores, court risks, geographical and address information, as well as non-patent data. We are continuously adding new sources.

Results oriented output

We have not developed a rigid ordinary patent tool, but a flexible solution for our purposes whose output adapts individually to the question with results-oriented and customized dashboard interfaces. The combination of our scores and indicators  with our cutting-edge technologies and aggregated themes such as GreenTech, DigitalTech, or DeepTech produce highly business relevant results.

Competitive Environment (example)
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Company and technology perspective

The central element of our analysis is always the technology-specific company activity. Instead of old industry or patent classifications, we focus on cutting-edge company technology profiles and competitive environments.

Latest patent data

We have insourced more than 140 million patents with full texts. We run daily updates and integrate thousands of new patents each day. All patents are fully analysed with quality scores and assigned to the relevant technologies and owners. In addition, they are allocated to countries with inventor/applicant information and regions (more than 5000 regions available) for detailed research location analysis.

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