Transformative Investing


Identifying the most exciting and dynamic companies

The key innovation indicator for active fund managers

This indicator provides active fund managers with a precise and quantified indicator of recent company innovation and technology direction. This indicator adequately assesses company innovation capacity in broad technology sets such as a selection of green technologies, advanced digital technologies or the standardized set of 150 EconSight game changing technologies.

Identification of future technology leaders

An indexed selection and ranking of companies which have the potential to become future leaders and outperform the market. The focus is on recent innovation and incorporates all patents from the last 3-5 years in selected technologies to identify the most exciting and dynamic innovators.

Scientific foundation of the Dynamics Score

The scientific approach for the EconSight Dynamics Score was published as «Constructing a dynamic patent technology indicator using text mining and machine learning» in «Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence» in 2023

The transformative investing approach

Identifying the most exciting and dynamic companies based on the EconSight transformative investing approach


Globalance invests in future movers. We do not find our investments with a guessing game. We rely on innovative patent data from the global leader EconSight.

Gabriel Hansmann,
Globalance Bank, Zurich

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