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500 cutting-edge technologies

Today’s business world is completely interconnected, highly dynamic and digital. The main growth driver is innovation. EconSight has identified and defined more than 500 cutting-edge technologies in the major technological megatrends based on sophisticated state-of-the-art patent analyses. We have defined our technologies from a market perspective and not from a purely technical perspective. We ask who is active in Smart Factory, HearTech, Brain-Machine Interaction or Artificial Intelligence, and who is good in these technologies.

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The flexibility of our technology approach is our biggest asset. While others can show and analyze a few standardized technologies, we not only have developed the largest technology portfolio, but we can also link these technologies together in a completely flexible way. This allows us to showcase the best companies in digital medtech or green AI – companies that are driving revolutionary innovation in applied digitisation. Combined with state-of-the-art indicators and massive automation, we can provide fundamental technology insights.