EconSight – Measuring technological progress

EconSight Basel

EconSight – Measuring technological progress

The Swiss EconSight AG was founded with the aim of making technological progress measurable in order to develop a better understanding of the impact and significance of one of the most important trends of our time.

The EconSight approach is based on sophisticated state-of-the-art patent analysis to identify players with significant innovation potential in cutting-edge technologies. We ask who is active in Smart Factory, HearTech, Brain-Machine Interaction, Fuel Cells or Artificial Intelligence, and who is good in these technologies. We show technology profiles for more than 3.5 million companies and competitive environments for more than 500 cutting-edge technologies.

We build the bridge from expert knowledge to implementation-oriented facts and fundamentals. We turn expert data and knowledge into structured indicator-based information and provide the client with «CEO-compatible» technology insights.

EconSight supports companies with technology-based strategy and competition analyses and investors with ratings and evaluations as a basis for investment decisions. Furthermore, EconSight develops studies for politics, associations, and foundations on global and regional technology trends.

EconSight provides technology analyses for companies, finance, investors, associations, foundations, politics and international organisations.

We accompany companies in their strategy decisions and competitive analyses

We provide finance with information about leading companies in new markets

We provide patent experts with next-generation patent analysis

We support investors with M&A analyses and company potential analyses

We advise policymakers with insightful and implementation-oriented studies and analyses

We support foundations with innovative insights and new perspectives

We provide business associations with well-founded arguments and technological trends

EconSight works quickly, accurately and scientifically along the entire value chain from analysis to evaluation, consulting, implementation and communication.


EconSight Basel

EconSight Europe

Head Office

EconSight AG
Aeschengraben 29
CH-4051 Basel

EconSight North America

EconSight Inc.
480 University Avenue
M5G 1V2 Toronto

EconSight Team

Kai Gramke
Kai GramkeManaging Director
International technology benchmarking and consulting
Dr. Jochen Spuck
Dr. Jochen SpuckManaging Director and CTO
Technology Specialist
Dr. Michael Freunek
Dr. Michael FreunekHead of AI Applications
Spezialist for patent analytics, technology evaluation and AI/machine learning methods
Prof. Dr. Jan-Alexander Posth
Prof. Dr. Jan-Alexander PosthStrategic Director
Specialist for finance, systematic investing and GreenTech
Dr. Cornelius Enuezie
Dr. Cornelius EnuezieBiotech & Pharma
Specialist for biotechnology and pharmaceutical technologies with focus on biopharmaceutical patent licensing, monetisation and asset management
Klaus Jank
Klaus JankInnovation Policy & Regions
Specialist for regional technology analysis and innovation policy

EconSight Advisory Board

Dr. Martin Herzog, M.Sc., LL.M., DESU
Dr. Martin Herzog, M.Sc., LL.M., DESUPatent Attorney, Managing Director Herzog IP Patentanwalts GmbH
Patent law, development and implementation of patent strategies
Werner Böing
Werner BöingCo-founder and CEO evisory GmbH
Development of data-driven business-models and business strategy, digital healthcare