Digitization in the Upper Rhine Region


The future of digitisation in the Upper Rhine region

Contribution by EconSight to the Regio Basiliensis publication on digitisation in the Upper Rhine region. EconSight patent analyses show that research in the Upper Rhine region is less digitally penetrated than in comparable regions. The share of patents that contain a digital element in addition to their core technology is around 14% worldwide – but only 6% in the tri-national region. The low level of digital penetration in the region does not mean that the companies in the region are not digitally active. Companies such as ABB, Bosch, Endress+Hauser and Sick have a digital penetration rate which is sometimes in the high double-digit range. However, it is evident that many companies conduct a large part of their digital research outside the region. This should give food for thought. After all, the disruptive potential of digitization is on the increase, and with it the risk for the region to be left behind in a central future technology. However, the Upper Rhine region is capable of action due to its exceptional economic strength. The key is to foster employees’ digital literacy, focus on advanced digitization, and increasing connectivity across all industry and country boundaries.

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Advanced Digitization in the Upper Rhine region, Patents 2000-2018