New WIPO GenAI Patent Landscape Report by EconSight

Top Countries in GenAI
(cumulated filings 2014-2023 by inventor address) 

Top Patent Owners in GenAI
(cumulated filings by owner, 2014-2023) 

The new WIPO GenAI Patent Landscape Report, based on EconSight data has been published

GenAI Report

«The most detailed analysis of GenAI»

The definitive report on GenAI has been published. EconSight is proud to have contributed to the WIPO GenAI Patent Landscape Report by providing the patent data and the complex definition of the GenAI technology and search algorithm. This is an extremely dynamic technology, with 25% of all patents published last year alone. The technology is dominated by China and Chinese companies occupy the top positions.  This is the most detailed analysis of GenAI by country, company, AI model, data type and application.

As GenAI can be used for many different applications, we use a multi-angle perspective to gain an in-depth understanding. In particular, the analysis is based on three different perspectives.

  • The first perspective covers the GenAI models. Patent filings related to GenAI are analyzed and assigned to different types of GenAI models (autoregressive models, diffusion models, generative adversarial networks (GAN), large language models (LLMs), variational autoencoders (VAE) and other GenAI models).
  • The second perspective shows the different modes of GenAI. The term “mode” describes the type or mode of input used and the type of output produced by these GenAI models. Based on keywords in the patent titles and abstracts, all patents are assigned to the corresponding modes: image/video, text, speech/voice/music, 3D image models, molecules/genes/proteins, software/code and other modes.
  • The third perspective analyzes the different applications for modern GenAI technologies. The real-world applications are numerous, ranging from agriculture to life sciences to transportation
    and many more.