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Measurable market insights and indicators based on patent data

From patent data to indicator-based information, and measurable market insights

Patents are a forward looking indicator and measure company innovation that will lead to a product within 2-5 years. A company with significant patent activity in a certain technology will likely develop and monetize a product in the coming years. Conversely, a company without patents is unlikely to play an active role in the specific activity in the future.

Therefore, we have quantified information about potential future markets that do not yet exist in standard statistics and financial data. Through the quantitative analysis of patents filed by companies, it is possible to gather intelligence on technologies and market trends. By further grouping these patents into understandable concepts, the layer of abstraction is removed, and future markets can be accessed. EconSight provides clarity by turning expert patent data into structured indicator-based information and measurable market insights for data-driven investment decisions. We ask who is active in Smart Factory, Virtual Reality, Brain-Machine Interaction, Personal Medicine, Precision Agriculture or Artificial Intelligence, and who is good in these technologies.

The best companies in metaverse technologies

Major players trust the EconSight approach

First thematic Blackrock fund powered by EconSight  

The BlackRock iShares Metaverse UCITS ETF tracks the STOXX Global Metaverse Index and is the first fund to identify market leaders, innovators and specialists in the metaverse based on Econsight patent data.

EconSight has worked closely with Qontigo and Blackrock on the development of the index to identify the pioneering companies developing the Metaverse. The index relies on EconSight technologies, High Quality Patents, and Specialization Score methodology to select the top companies within the metaverse technologies. A special element of the fund is the intelligent combination of core and enabling technologies that make up the metaverse, ranging from 3D image modelling, avatars, blockchain, graphic processing units (GPU), non-fungible tokens (NFT) and virtual, augmented and extended reality – all developed by EconSight.

The index comprises 65 global companies ranging from the digital marketplace, gaming, healthcare, manufacturing, software as well as hardware and components. This incorporates companies developing interactive virtual platforms, wearables, and immersive technologies as well as those companies providing the necessary computer processing capabilities and infrastructure.

Customized offerings for the financial industry


Investment Services

Which companies have the greatest potential in future markets?

We can cleanly analyze more than 7000 ISIN-mapped companies based on their technology profiles, evaluate them in terms of quality and assess the competitive opportunities in future markets.

We analyze the most interesting future markets and identify the players with the best opportunities in these markets. This is more than just the innovative strength of the companies – we want to know who can survive in the market environment, i.e. who has the greatest potential to generate high revenues in these markets.

Venture Capital and Private Equity

Venture Capital Services

We position young and interesting companies in the market and make them assessable and investable

We identify the young, exciting and dynamic companies out of more than 3.5 million companies. We characterize the companies based on their technological competence and position them in the market. In this way, we make the companies assessable and financeable.

We show the environment of the companies including competitors, as well as potential cooperation partners or major exit partners. We can even evaluate companies without patents based on their business idea.

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