Filings – GreenTech Sector and Company Analysis – Example Oil Industry


Total activities in GreenTech as the sum of 100 green technologies

Controversial Tech

Total activities in controversial technologies as the sum of activities in oil, fracking, gas, diesel, combustion engines, and jet propulsion. This category can be defined according to the standards of the client.

Green Tech – a quantified indicator, comparable and communicable

GreenTech is one of the key elements of strategic portfolio management. Many companies are intensifying their green activities and some even declare themselves to be zero-emission companies in the future. However, the path to this goal is difficult to explain and to verify. By putting research activities in the foreground we can present a very differentiated view of the companies‘ move towards green. Green patent activities act as a general early indicator and are therefore an important metric for sustainability strategies in companies – especially for showing a change in strategy at an early stage. Long before the products are on the market, the increasing importance of a climate protection and sustainability strategy can be read from the research activities.

In addition, green activities can be matched with existing activities in other technologies, especially controversial (brown/toxic) technologies, to better assess the significance and development of green techs, EconSight has defined a set of controversial technologies. These technologies can be used to illustrate the development (increase in green techs with simultaneous decrease in controversial techs). The controversial technologies can be individually compiled or expanded to optimally reflect the public discussion, social acceptance of certain technologies in a certain country or the investor’s preferences.

Nearest Neighbour Analysis