Development of Green Technologies

Tracing technical progress in green technologies

Green technologies are the basis for global activities against climate change. To better understand, where countries, regions, companies, and research institutions currently stand, EconSight has developed a set of more than 100 GreenTechs. The technologies cover every aspect from renewable energy technologies and more efficient production technologies, to sustainable consumption technologies and climate change mitigation technologies. The technologies are constantly being adapted and expanded in order to keep pace with progress. For this visualisation the technologies have been categorised into five broad green tech fields. They show the absolute patent development over the past 20 years. 

More than 100 EconSight green technologies

Photovoltaic AC/DC Conversion
Solid State Battery
Battery Technology
Energy Storage Heat, Mechanical, Pressure
Fuel Cell
Lithium Batteries
PEM Fuel Cell
Fuel Cell Manufacturing
Geothermal Energy
Maritime & Hydro Power
Organic PV & Perovskit
Silicon Photovoltaic
Solar Thermal Energy
Wind Energy
Heat Pumps
Floating Wind Energy Systems
Nuclear Fusion Reactors
Hydrogen Production
Green Hydrogen Production
Biomass, Biofuel, Biogas

Smart Grid
HVDC High Voltage Direct Current
Energy Efficient Home Appliances
Power & Energy Saving
Energy Efficient Lighting, Building, Office
3D Printed & Robotic Automated Building
Efficient Building
Chips of Reduced Power Consumption
Additive Manufacturing
Smart Factory
Dynamic Glass
Smart Home
Efficient Glas, Ceramic, Sand Production
Efficient Metal Processing
Efficient Production, Chemical, Petrochem, Textile
Precision Farming
Energy Efficient Computing
Power Saving Wireless/Connected
Smart City
Urban Logistics & Automated Warehousing

Electric&Solar Aircraft
Efficient Traffic/Car Management/Platooning
Battery Charger For Vehicle
Efficient Car Design, Weight Reduction, Aerodynamics, Tires, Rolling Resistance etc.
Efficient Car Management
Active Traffic Control
Exhaust Catalyst
Electric Road Vehicles
Hybrid Vehicles_
Maglev & Hyperloop
Railroad & Tramway
Connected Cars & Road Traffic Interaction
Low Sulfur Marine Diesel

GHG Cement Reduction
Earthquake, Tsunami, Protection
Advanced Insulation Materials
CarbonCapture & Carbon Sequestration
Climate Relevant Agriculture Production/Adaption/Forrestation
Forest Fire Warning
GHG Reduced Rice Production
Climate Adaption Agriculture
Climate Adaption Health
Climate Adaption in Infrastructure_Extreme Weather
GHG Management System
NOx Removal
Drinking Water Purification and Biological Water Treatment
Biochar, Torrefaction, Biomass Pyrolysis
Water Desalting
Vertical Farming
GHG Reducing Animal Fodder
Meat Analoge

Sustainable Packaging
Water Treatment
Waste Gas, Garbage Handling, Waste Combustion
Marine Recycling & Waste Management
Plastic, Glass, Paper, Electronics & Consumer Waste Recycling
Agricultural  Waste Handling & Reuse
Cement Substitution, Recycling and Waste Reuse
Waste & Refuse Management

Technology Overview

EconSight specialists regularly define, update and expand the Green Techs in cooperation with experts from various universities, institutions, companies and partners from the investment sector in order to be able to provide up-to-date information as a solid foundation for decision-making at all times. EconSight also closely follows the development of the EU classification system for sustainable economic activities. New developments by the European Commission and the Member State Expert Group are promptly implemented to ensure full compatibility of our technologies even before the two major acts on climate-related objectives and environmental objectives are adopted.