World-Class GreenTech by Country

In this chart EconSight focuses its analysis on the so-called world-class patents: the top 10 percent of all patents within a defined technology, measured by individual patent strength. The bubbles show the global share of world-class patents in one (out of 60) green technology for 12 countries (vertical), the change in the global share in the last 5 years (horizontal). The absolute number of world-class patents is shown by moving the mouse over a country. The further to the right of the vertical axis, the stronger the global share of the corresponding country has grown in the last 5 years, the higher the bubble, the higher the current global share. All countries to the left of the vertical axis show declining world shares.
The technologies can be selected from a drop-down menu at the top left of the figure. Individual countries can be switched on and off by clicking on the legend. This increases readability in individual technologies. The selected countries are retained even if the technology is changed.
Since patent quantities are permanently increasing in almost all countries and almost all technologies, a decrease in the world share is not synonymous with an absolute decrease in patents. In many cases, patent volumes are growing faster in other countries. For example, the number of world-class patents in the US and the EU-27 has practically doubled in the last 5 years. Nevertheless, both have declined proportionately due to the strong growth in China.