BlackRock Metaverse ETF based on EconSight technologies and patents

BlackRock Metaverse

Top Companies in Metaverse Technologies, 2012-2022

Blackrock launches first thematic fund based on EconSight’s advanced technology and patent expertise

The BlackRock iShares Metaverse UCITS ETF tracks the STOXX Global Metaverse Index and is the first fund to identify market leaders, innovators and specialists in the metaverse based on Econsight patent data.

EconSight has worked closely with Qontigo and Blackrock on the development of the index to identify the pioneering companies developing the Metaverse. The index relies on EconSight technologies, High Quality Patents, and Specialization Score methodology to select the top companies within the metaverse technologies. A special element of the fund is the intelligent combination of core and enabling technologies that make up the metaverse, ranging from 3D image modelling, avatars, blockchain, graphic processing units (GPU), non-fungible tokens (NFT) and virtual, augmented and extended reality – all developed by EconSight.

The index comprises 65 global companies ranging from the digital marketplace, gaming, healthcare, manufacturing, software as well as hardware and components. This incorporates companies developing interactive virtual platforms, wearables, and immersive technologies as well as those companies providing the necessary computer processing capabilities and infrastructure.