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New technology facts and figures instead of old industry analyses

You know which industry you are active in, but what does that tell you today? New competitors from completely different industries are entering the market, digitization is changing everything and technological foundations are converging faster than ever before. The future cannot be tackled with old methods, because classic industry analyses completely conceal technological progress. Our analyses therefore focus on technical progress.

Always up-to-date

Our technology analyses provide you with new forward-looking indicators with which you can quantify and evaluate the innovative strength and sustainability of companies in a detailed and consistent manner. Constant further development of our technologies and weekly updates of our databases enable you to have an up-to-date view of developments.

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Technology Analyses

The future viability of your technology portfolio

Innovations drive progress, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep pace with technological progress. A major challenge lies in the systematic definition and intelligent delimitation of the respective technology, because this is the only way to achieve comprehensive and evaluable results and findings. Conversely, very rough technologies conceal the relevant dynamics and have no added value. We are the specialists for the entire spectrum of major future technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence or Smart City, medical robots and cancer therapies, as well as specific aerogels or adhesives. In contrast to many static analyses, we are constantly developing our technologies further, because this is the only way to keep up with technological progress and to map technological progress.


Competition Analyses

Your position compared to your competitors

As a rule, you know your current competitors, as they are active in the same industry. We show the technology profiles of your competitors, how they are moving technologically, how they are shifting priorities, how they are opening up new areas and compare this information with your company. In this way we can show how your company positions itself in comparison to your competitors and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. We go one step further, because we can also show you your future competitors. We identify dynamic new companies as well as established companies from other industries that are increasingly penetrating your markets.


Strategy Analyses

The (re)orientation of your innovation strategy

We support you in the (re-)alignment of your research and innovation strategy. We develop a comprehensive technology profile of your company, identify technological gaps or dead ends and evaluate your technological strengths. Subsequently, on the basis of a global trend analysis, we will demonstrate your particularly dynamic and promising technological focal points. In addition, we show you which technological gaps should be closed in order to improve your own position in the market.


Investment Analyses

Identification of particularly innovative M&A targets

Technologies help companies and markets to grow. However, technologies are usually only tangible and understandable for experts. In order to provide investors with access to rapidly developing technologies, we simplify access to technologies and technology carriers. With the help of novel and hitherto unknown analytical approaches, we can process almost any technology and make market participants visible. In addition, all technology carriers are assessed quantitatively and qualitatively in order to assess the current and future competitive situation. With a new algorithm developed in cooperation with the Swiss Patent Office, we can also directly extract companies with high growth potential and discover hidden champions. Patents are the basis for maintaining investments in research and development. But they are a few years ahead of the products on the market. That’s why we can already see today what will be successful tomorrow.


Sustainability Analyses

Your positioning according to the latest investment criteria

Sustainability criteria are becoming increasingly important for the evaluation of companies and facilities. The focus here is on the three areas of environment, social affairs and corporate governance (ESG criteria). The challenge lies in transparent and objective assessment. Patents are the perfect measure of a company’s environmental and climate protection activities, because they show how much it invests and what it invests in. We work together with experts from various universities, institutions and partners in the investment sector in order to technologically classify ESG issues and to evaluate and compare them on a company-specific basis. In addition, we can quantify the dynamics of technologies in relation to companies and their environment in order to make important developments visible at an early stage. On this basis we enable a highly transparent, objective and well communicable ESG assessment of almost every technology and participating company. This is the ideal basis for a successful impact investing, which has never existed before, neither in its nature nor in its data quality.

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