Artificial Intelligence Race in Big Pharma

AI in Pharma

Roche is leading the AI race in Big Pharma since 2007

The race for AI in Big Pharma is on. An extensive social media discussion in recent days has been about AI research papers in Big Pharma. Here is the patent perspective:

Roche has been the leader since 2007 and continues to extend this lead. Currently more than 5% of all Roche patents are AI patents. Almost all Big Pharma companies are intensifying their AI activities and their AI-shares increase over time. The application fields show where the AI focus is placed in Big Pharma. Some companies such as Johnson & Johnson have a strong focus on AI in Medtech which is essentially AI-supported image analysis in diagnostics. We can also observe an increase in general AI activities which cannot directly be attributed to either Pharma, Medtech, or Biotech.  This is basic AI-research.